A Key box Does Not Mean An Open House


When a home is actively on the market for sale, and there is a key box on the property, it does not mean “Come on in”.  It means that the house is on the market and you need to go through the proper procedures to gain access to that home.  Usually it means you call the listing company or listing agent or owner if it’s a “For Sale By Owner” property and you make an appointment to go view the property, even if you know it’s a vacant home.  The proper protocol is to let the right people know that you will be viewing the property.

You never know what could be going on at the property, such as carpets being cleaned, repairs in progress, children home alone, an occupant that works nights and needs to get some sleep during the day, pets that need to be either kenneled or removed from the property, and the list goes on.  So, it is common courtesy to call whomever and make sure that it is okay to view the property.  While everyone that is trying sell property doesn’t want to miss a potential sale, there are times that it is just needs to be better coordinated to take into account the different things that could be going on.

For REALTORS that are members of their local Board of REALTORS they have their MLS Rules & Regulations regarding accessing property, even though they have the ability to access any property in the MLS the rules state that you must make an appointment to show any property.  To access a property without permission is a fineable offense. 

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