As a full time licensed Realtor in Jacksonville NC we have quite a range of adventures and misadventures; and let’s face it, Real Estate is rarely boring.  Here in Jacksonville we have a pretty large rental portion of our real estate activity.  Military communities are known for their “transient” nature.  I am continually intrigued by the number of our military that are sure that the business people out in town don’t have any 1st hand knowledge of being in the military.  If they would take a closer look and actually stop being all about themselves they would see that the majority of people were in the military.  I am grateful for the support of the military here in Jacksonville and am proud to count my family as one of the many that put down roots and retired here.

So, the tenants that are breaking their lease need to be aware that the person that they are hurting 99% of the time is another military person.  It’s a faceless owner but that owner is probably wearing khaki, just like them.  It’s a military brother or sister.  So, don’t tell us that you are PCSing for 30 days.  We all know that you are going TAD, you will be back, granted probably not for too long but you will be back.  Why is it so hard to be up front with the people that you are going to rent through?  If you are here for a school, be honest, or be willing to honor the 12 month lease you signed of your own free will.  Don’t fabricate issues with the house you are renting and then say you will contact base legal regarding your fabricated issues.  Or even worse, you have someone in your shop produce some “orders” to again help you break your lease.  A lease is a legal contract that you enter into with the home owner via the property management company.  If there are real problems, make the property management company aware, and then give them the time they need to get it handled.  You can’t call in an issue on a Saturday evening and expect it to be fixed by Monday morning, unless it’s a true emergency.  And the property management company cannot fix something they have no knowledge of.  Communication is KEY.

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