All Real Estate is Local

Why is it that everyone has someone that was/is a REALTOR/Real Estate Agent or has experience with real estate?  And they insist on counseling their relative/friend that is getting ready to buy or sell a home? 

So, Joe & Mary Buyer are moving from Anytown USA and Aunt Linda who is a Real Estate Agent in Timbucktwo USA and she’s trying to help Joe & Mary with their real estate purchase in Eastern, NC.  Well, just because Aunt Linda knows real estate in UT doesn’t mean she knows anything about real estate in NC.  While these relatives and/or friends have good intentions they really are not doing their family/friends any favors by advising them.  Because, what works in that market may not work at all in this market.  I cannot tell you the number of times my clients have been advised by well meaning family/friends to make low-ball offers on property.  Only to have the offer completely rejected and usually that will happen 2 or 3 times before they will stop listening to the family/friend that is providing this guidance. 

I would never presume to have any idea how to tell a Real Estate Agent that is in a different market to do their job.  Yet some Real Estate Agents seem to think that they know it all in this regard.  All Real Estate is Local!!!  So, if you are looking for a home to purchase and Aunt Linda or Uncle Bob are telling you how to go about it and they are in another state, please put their input on the back burner and listen to the Real Estate Agent that you are working with, where you are planning on buying, they are “the duty expert”, let them do their job.

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