Are you an Ostrich?

Being a full time REALTOR here in Jacksonville NC, I have encountered many colleagues that would prefer to ignore a problem, hoping that it will just simply go away.  In my 11 years of being a REALTOR I have always faced any complication, issue, problem; instead of ignore it.  Ignoring problems tend to make them fester and become worse than they need to be.  When I was first deciding to get into this business I decided that I would be responsive and take responsibility for any mistakes I may make along the way.  Because I saw REALTORS that would not return a phone call, they decided that they knew what the person was calling about.  Unless you are truly psychic how could you know for sure why they are calling?   Perhaps the person wanting a phone call merely wants to update a situation; maybe they have had a change in their plans or whatever.  If you have a client trying to speak to you, you as their REALTOR have a fiduciary duty to keep the lines of communication open.  Do not assume that you know why they are calling.

Some people are put off by my direct approach but, why should we be reactive?  I prefer to be proactive and deal with any problems in a timely manor.  There is no point in delaying a potential problem that could perhaps be minimized by communicating.  Sometimes talking about issues you can find a resolution in the process.

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