Lately the tenants are doing things that just boggle the brains of our property managers and property owners, here in Onslow County NC we are a very transient area due to our Military Bases.  So rentals and property management are plentiful here.  The latest issue we are dealing with is our “good tenant” that put a cement pad just off the back deck where they put a hot tub.  However, they neglected to ask property management if they could do that and they didn’t ask where the septic tank was in the back yard.  So, guess where the septic tank is??  That’s right, it’s under the cement pad that the tenant poured for the hot tub!

Tenants, please understand that you are merely renting, borrowing the place.  It’s not “rent to own”, or all mine to do whatever I want while I am here.  You are not allowed to make any permanent alterations to the property.  You cannot paint without getting permission from the property manager/owner.

So, if you want to live in a home that you can make alterations, paint, make any changes to the property, you need to consider buying a place.  Then you can do pretty much whatever you want as long as it’s allowed in your neighborhood, etc.  As long as you maintain the property in good condition and make your mortgage payments on time.

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