Being a full time REALTOR here in Eastern North Carolina is always new and interesting.  We have the usual office rivalries, competition, etc.  Just like most other places and some people don’t like to “play with others”.  I think that is probably pretty normal, but some people approach this as a competition to see if you can “beat up” or “steal” something.  Some feel the need to try and prove to their clients that they are the better, more knowledgeable or superior REALTOR.  I don’t think that being a bully, pushy or just plain “my way or the highway” type of REALTOR makes you look better or even smarter.  It only makes you look like a pushy person that wants to get their way no matter the cost.  Some seem to have their own agenda, instead of looking out for their client’s best interest.  There have been some occasions that I am sure the REALTOR was acting solely on their own without consulting their client.  The best transactions happen when each side is working together toward a common goal, getting a home sold.  The end result is satisfied clients on each side of the transaction.  The goal for every REALTOR working with a buyer or seller is a successful transfer of home ownership!

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