I have been showing properties all over Eastern Carolina for the last 14 years, primarily Onslow County and I am amazed at some of the sellers that while they have the house on the market for sale, make no effort to have the house ready for showing.  How serious are you about selling your home?  Potential buyers don’t want to see what you have had to eat over the last few days.  They don’t want to see your dirty laundry all over the place, or your kids diapers piling up in the trash.  You need to have the place look and smell clean!  The whole idea is to show your home off as a comfortable, welcoming place to be.  Not a smelly, cluttered, why are you showing me this place kind of feeling.  The serious seller will make sure that the house can be ready to show in less than an hour of a potential buyer coming to view it.  Some will even make cookies so that wonderful aroma will welcome the potential buyer.  They will at least have some warmers or a candle burning to help with the appeal of the home.  If there are pets in the home, you will need to make sure that their space is not too overwhelming.  And bear in mind that you have gotten used to some of those odors and may not even be aware of them.  The litter box should be kept as clean as possible.   Buyers want to be able to envision living there and if all they can envision is this needs A LOT of cleaning and do you think we can get that smell out?  You have managed to have your home eliminated from the list or if they decide to make an offer, it will more than likely not be for full asking price, it will be a lower offer because they expect to have to do quite a bit of work to get it where they want it to be.  Even the greatest listing agent cannot fix that.  Those details are on the owner and it is your responsibility to make the effort to have your house shine while you are actively on the market for sale.

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