As a licensed North Carolina Realtor, doing business in Onslow County, I believe in complete disclosure of fees involved in a transaction.  There are Home Warranty companies that will pay a fee to an agent for selling a home warranty.  There are some mortgage companies that will also pay a real estate company a fee for closing on a home with a client that was referred to them.  I have no problem with people getting these incentives as long as the parties involved in the transaction are informed.  That is where the problem lies.  Some people don't think you as a client in the transaction need to know if the agent is getting a little something extra from one of the vendors that is also in the transaction.  Any fees that an agent collects, as a result of selling something or sending a client to a vendor, are supposed to be disclosed. 

Some clients don't care if an agent is getting a little something extra, but some may care.  It could change who you get your Home Warranty from, or your Mortgage, Home Inspection, Insurance, etc.  But shouldn't you make an informed decision?  Don't you have the right to know that the agent is urging you to use a particular vendor because they will get a little extra something when you close on your home?  Be informed so you can make informed decisions.

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