Good tenants. Seems like a simple enough thing right?  Not so much.  Recently there have been several “good tenants” that insist that they have left the property in as good, or better shape than the house was before they moved in, seriously?  So, when you moved in the cat’s litter box was overflowing??  Because the full one you left in the property is not making the house smell very good.  And did all the closets have vomit and/or feces in them, because the one closet w/the vomit and feces is nasty.  And I guess the entire house had a coating of dirt and miscellaneous trash left all over the house. And this is better?  Not to mention the pet hair that is everywhere!  And then there are the “good tenants” that can’t manage to pay the rent, so why are you evicting us?  We are good tenants, really?  Or pay only part of what you are supposed to, with lots of promises to get caught up (that never happen), and wonder why the property owner has had enough of empty promises and nothing to show for it, and tells the property manager to file for eviction.  Or move out in the night, accusing everyone of making it impossible to stay in the house, mostly because you weren’t getting your way. How is that a good tenant? 

In my estimation, good tenants manage to pay the rent on time. And they don’t leave nasty cat litter boxes, and filth inside and out.  Why isn’t paying the rent more important than your cable/dish bill or cell phone bill?  Why are things more important than having a roof over your head?  I mean really, if you don’t pay your rent no property owner can afford to have you staying in their home for free, they have a mortgage to pay.  And if you manage to pay the water, electric, cable/dish, etc. but you don’t pay your rent, what is the point of having all the utilities if you can’t stay there; because you didn’t pay your rent.  Then there are those tenants that pay the rent late and don’t understand why there is a late fee.  Property managers have deadlines to get the owners of the property their rent money; if you are late you are making more work for everyone.  Now, the rent is due the 1st of every single month, that never, ever changes.  But, your rent is not considered to be late until the end of the 5th of the month.  So if it falls on or near a holiday use some sense and make the effort to pay it before the 5th.  If you make the choice to do other things and claim you just couldn’t get to town to pay the rent then just understand that, that choice will have a penalty.  Of course you could go “old school” and send the check in the mail, if you don’t know how to address an envelope, call your parents or grandparents, they can help you.

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