As we begin another year, it’s good to keep in mind that not everyone has the basic “do the right thing” approach.  Some people are all about themselves and have no regard for being fair or treating others fairly.  I truly believe in “The Golden Rule” and do my best to live by it.  After all, if you can’t be good to others, why would others be good to you?  I also believe in Karma, “what goes around comes around”. Another reason I do my best to do right by others.  Granted, Karma doesn’t always happen right away, it can seem to take forever for some people to get back what they have put out there.  But it does happen.  The tenant that never pays their rent on time, doesn’t keep their end of the agreement regarding the property they are renting, will, eventually be evicted.  They may be in denial about the eviction, but when the judge tells you that you have 1 week to move out, that is what you have. 

Tenants, if you are over $2500.00 behind on paying rent, it’s not just you that is being affected.  The property owner, who has a mortgage to pay, is being put in a difficult position of paying for where they are living and where you (the tenant) are living and NOT Paying.  How many people do you know that can afford to pay double?  It is very inconsiderate of any person/tenant to live in a home and not pay for the privilege of staying there.  And for you to appear surprised about this is crazy!  And good luck finding another home to rent, most property managers will ask for rental references and will contact your references to verify your “ability” to pay your rent on time.  It will affect your credit; it could affect your ability to purchase a home in the future (if you want to).  So, please be honest with people, don't be irresponsible about paying your bills.

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