As you may or may not be aware, most of the coast of the southeast United States was hit with Hurricane Matthew, Onslow County North Carolina was part of this event.  Many are without power, many are displaced due to flooding and storm damage, the bare necessities are a struggle for some currently. Travel is also being hindered by flooding and washed out roads. So, while we are trying to get back to normal in the areas affected by the storm, a little patience please. The power crews are working around the clock to restore power, the other services are also working diligently to restore internet & phones, etc.  Calling your property manager at 0 dark 30 will not make your property a higher priority and try to remember that your property manager also is trying to get their life back to normal.  Maybe they don’t have power, maybe they had damage to their home as well, we are all doing the best we can to make sure that any and all damage is noted and handled as soon as possible.  We understand you are worried about your property, so are we.  Please remember that we live here and there are a lot of things we are dealing with, while trying to make sure all of the properties we manage didn’t have any damage from the storm.