So you have a VA Certificate that basically says you qualify for 100% financing on the purchase of a home.  That is all it says, you still need a mortgage.  A lender still needs to give you the funds to purchase the home you want.  What does that mean?  It means that while the VA Certificate gives you access to one of the best loan programs, it does not provide the funds for you.  You have to qualify for the mortgage, you have to have a good credit score and you cannot have a high DTI (Debt to Income) Ratio.  While a lot of lenders will tell you they can do a VA loan, not everyone truly knows how to properly do a VA loan.  Don’t call one of those 800 numbers that comes on the TV, find a local lender here in Jacksonville NC.  Most of the local lenders here can process a VA loan in their sleep, it’s the majority of the loans that are processed in Onslow County.  Ask some of your friends here that have bought a home who they used and if they felt the person they worked with did a good job. 

I have a few local lenders that I like to work with, and my policy with any of them is that I expect them to respond to me and/or my clients when we have questions that need answers.  If we don’t get a response from them in a timely manor they can expect to see me personally.  I will find them, so we can have answers to our questions.  I have never had to actually go find any of them, they respond pretty quickly, which makes the process a little less stressful and as smooth as possible.

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