Well, it’s been what seems like forever dealing with all the political rhetoric and I don’t know about you but I have certainly had more than enough!  So much mudslinging, twisting of facts, spinning the truth to what each party wants it to be.  Why is it so important that we know what only one sides nominee makes and paid in taxes? So tired of the Wizard of Oz, hocus pocus garbage going on, on both sides of the fence here. Everyone has an obligation to go vote for their candidate. If you don’t exercise your option then you have nothing to say after the election is over.  Whatever the final outcome at least you will know you did your part.

Onslow County NC has had a strong turn out with the early voting.  And I am sure that all of us are going to be so thankful to stop being bombarded with all the election garbage.  All the political signs will be picked up, the mailers will stop, the political tv ads will end…..for that I say a BIG Hooray!!!!  It’s all been to much!

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