When you have made the decision to purchase a home the next decision should be who will help me to find my home. Studies show that buyers and sellers spend several months researching where they want to go, and check out several websites for Real Estate Companies and Agents. It's really hard to make a decision based on what a person has on their website. It may not even be something that the person actually manages or updates. In any case that is where most people start their search. When it gets right down to it you need some one that: A) knows what they are doing and talking about. B) you feel you can rely on. & C) is responsive. Finding the most visible person is not necessarily going to get you good service or feel like they even have a clue who you are when you actually speak to them.

I have found that word of mouth is the best way to find someone to work with. Getting a recommendation from someone you know and trust is usually a good way to go. Sometimes personalities will clash but that is rare. Once you have found the REALTOR to help you buy your home, then you need to find a lender to help you get a mortgage for the home. It's usually best to ask the REALTOR that you are going to work with if they have any one they recommend, they should have at least 2 or 3 people that they work with regularly. So, when you ask your trusted advisor who they recommend.....listen.  Also, if you are telling your REALTOR what you want and they keep showing you everything but there are only 2 things that could be going on; either your Agent is not "hearing what you are saying" or they are trying to direct you where they want you to be. 

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