In the Jacksonville NC, Onslow County housing market we are pretty unique. Being home of Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base and New River Marine Corps Air Station the majority of our buyers are VA. Please do not think for one minute that any successful local mortgage broker is not well versed in doing a VA loan for our many veterans and active duty military personel. Some of these on-line based companies try to make is sound like a "special" loan that they are uniquely qualifed to process. It has been my experience that, that is not true. Most of the time these people are learning as they go and can end up making the process more stressful then it needs to be. So, if you are coming to the Jacksonville NC area and want to purchase a home, contact lenders that are here. Ask friends that are here who they would recommend or ask your REALTOR for some mortgage lenders that they work with. Someone that you or your REALTOR can get in front of if you need to. Some of these on-line companies are next to impossible to get on the phone and can take their sweet time in calling you back, if at all.

The same goes for some of these nationally known companies. Just because you get with one of those companies does not mean you will get to work with one of the local mortgage brokers, since they are commission based, national companies will not "refer" you to a local person. Instead of calling that 800 number to the huge building in who knows where, get the local number for the nationally known company here in Onslow County. The person should be responsive, pleasant and knowledgeable. If they talk to you in mortgage speak ask them to explain it in laymans terms, if they can't do that then keep looking until you find the right person to work with. The mortgage person that you choose should never make you feel like you are not smart or are bothering them. This is one of the biggest purchases you will make, and you should be well informed, not confused or afraid to ask a question.

We have several very good mortgage people here in Jacksonville NC. I would be glad to recommend a few that I work with on a regular basis with good results.

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