Septic permits in Onslow County, NC can be confusing, there are several different types of septic systems with varing degrees of care needed.  Some of the more complicated systems will require regular inspections by the county and you will need to have a contract with an "operator" to maintain the system.  Those extreme systems are not the norm.  But as we continue to develop land and build homes where we would not have in the past, this is happening more often.

Also, older homes that had their current system fail and a new system is required, can lead to a higher maintainence septic system.  So, if you are looking to purchase a home on a septic system, ask questions, speak to the Environmental Health Department in the county to see what kind of system you are getting.  The septic system also determines how many bedrooms you have.  If you have a home with what you think are 4 or more bedrooms and you are on a septic system, you need to check with the Health Department, if you have a septic permit for a 3 bedroom home, that is what you have with a bonus room or two.  Check with the county you plan on living in for their guidelines, rules & regulations.

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