It is common knowledge that REALTORS are bound by a Code of Ethics, what is not so common is that some people have a real problem with Ethics.  I am not sure if they just don’t think that the rules don’t apply to them or that what they are doing isn’t really that questionable but there is definitely a problem with some.  The Golden Rule is supposed to be our guide but honestly, I don’t think that everyone knows what that is or all that it entails.  Maybe it is just too simple of a concept.  Surely, if they actually read and understood The Golden Rule there would be more respect for each other and cooperation.  Instead some seem to approach it with the ‘if no one files a complaint’ or says anything to me then it must be okay or acceptable.  More than likely though the true fact of the matter is the person that they have “run over” or “bullied” didn’t choose this battle.  Or they didn’t think that they would find resolution due to the person’s perceived stature in the local board of REALTORS.  Let there be no mistake, no one is above the rules.  No one should be allowed to force their will on another person because that is what they want.  Yet, I continually encounter people that had a less than enjoyable experience trying to buy or sell a home.  They felt that their REALTOR was pushing them to buy one of their listings or at the very least not listening to what they wanted in a home and only showing them homes at the very top of what they could afford.  And some sellers just feel like they are not even important to their listing agent.  They signed the papers and never heard from them again.  We as REALTORS have a duty to behave in a professional manner and protect our clients.  They should not be used to injure another party.

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