Here in Jacksonville NC, some REALTORS do not want to waste their time with renters.  Why is that?  As a REALTOR in the area for over 13 years the way most renters approach finding a home to rent is less than ideal.  Renters will email, call and set several appointments for one house here, another house there and tying up several agents time (each of them hoping that they will end up with the small finder’s fee), trying to find you a home.  This is very frustrating for us as agents since the average rental commission is less than one hundred dollars, and once the company they work for takes their portion of that rental commission it’s barely enough to replace the gas that was used in driving all over creation looking at homes.  Some agents will not “go the extra mile” to provide great service since it is just a rental, but what agents need to do is educate the people that they are talking to about rentals and how it works here.  Instead of driving all over the place you can spend some time with one agent looking through the MLS, granted that will usually take a little while but you aren’t burning up several tanks of gas, and spending many hours driving around in the process.  I can usually find the people (that actually allow me to do my job properly), a place to rent within a day or two, depending on how unique their housing needs are.  So, renters, be considerate of other peoples time, everyone's time is important.

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