So here in Onslow County, North Carolina we are a proud military community and we have people moving in and out of the area constantly.  So, of course we have many renters.  As a rule the Property Management companies work together to put tenants in homes.  We are not limited to showing only our companies properties.  That being said, some agents will limit what they will show you, not because they are not allowed, but because it doesn’t make much sense to show you a ton of homes for a tiny bit of compensation, usually under $100.00.  Now put yourself in a REALTORS shoes for a few minutes.  We are all Independent Contractors, that means there is NO salary, no money coming in unless we have a closing.  So, how much time, gas and money would you be willing to spend for small finders fee?  So, you as renters need to “interview” a few people and find one person that you want to work with to find a rental, if they tell you that they will only show you their companies listings or will only show you 3 homes and then you have to choose one, understand that it’s not personal, it’s business. 

I personally, as a parent to 2 young adults, approach putting our young renters into, good properties that I would not mind my children living in.  I would hope that my colleagues would approach it much the same way.  I don’t mind spending some time going through the MLS with you to find some homes you would like to look at, and narrowing your search to 5 properties or so and showing them to you.  But don’t expect to look at every single home in your price range, for the sake of looking at them.  And using Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, craigslist, etc. is not the most reliable information, there are lots of scams on rentals so if you find a home and it looks to good to be true, it more than likely is! 

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