It's the long debated question. Should I buy a home or just rent, after all we are not going to be here forever.....right? Honestly, every one is different, some would really prefer to not be limited to what they can do in their "home". However when you are renting it is not your home, you are limited to what the owner will allow, you can not attach a satellite dish to the home, you need permission from the owner to have additional cable installed, if you want it in a room that doesn't already have it. If the owner doesn't want pets, then you should not get one, etc.

If you purchase a home, you can paint all the rooms a different color if you want, you can change the flooring, put in a ceiling fan if you want, have pets if you want, have cable installed in every room if you want. That also means that if the air conditioning stops working you don't have a landlord to call. If the roof starts leaking, it's your responsibility to fix. Most items are fairly easy to tackle as long as you have some basic knowledge about repairs, there is alot of information on-line to walk you through most anything you would need to take on.

So, you should really weigh out your options, if you feel ready to be a home owner and you will be here in the area for at least 3 years then it makes pretty good sense to purchase a home, you get the tax break on interest (unless congress eliminates it) when you file your taxes. The property will appreciate as a rule, the economic issues have slowed the property values but they are still appreciating here. Plus if you do leave the area you can keep the property as an investment and rent the property out as long as you can get close to what your monthly mortgage payment is in rent then you won't be out-of-pocket a whole lot if at all.

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