Resale Homes vs. New Construction

Currently in Onslow County there is an ample supply of homes for sale, and recently New Construction homes have eclipsed Resale Homes in sales. While the “new home smell” is very appealing it does have some draw backs. Some of those are: you will more then likely need to put a lot of work into the yard to get a nice lawn, the soil here is sometimes difficult to get grass to grow and it will take some time. Also, the house is going to do some settling which is completely normal, but can be a little unnerving depending on how much settling there is. And of course there will be the job of making it feel like yours, new construction usually is just painted one or 2 neutral colors, you will need to put up blinds, curtains, ceiling fans if you want them in the secondary bedrooms and the list goes on. The benefit of choosing an existing home is that it’s already been “broken in” it’s probably settled all it’s going to, the yard is usually established, there are some less neutral colors in the home, there are blinds and sometimes curtains. Some older homes here in Onslow County, have even been through a few hurricanes so you should feel fairly comfortable that the structure is sound. Ultimately everyone has to do what they are most comfortable with, just try to weigh the pros and cons for you and make your decision that way. Buying a home is a very emotional thing, you need to just be sure you are buying the right home for you and your family.
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