As a full time Realtor here in Jacksonville NC, I have heard some awful stories about buyers & sellers.  When you are buying a new construction home you really have little chance of getting the builder to budge on the price because if they reduce their price on your home it will affect the future homes they want to build and sell in that neighborhood.  The only time they will ever reduce the price is if the house does not appraise for the agreed upon contract price, (which rarely happens).  That being said, they are usually more than willing to provide a fence, refrigerator, maybe even some “use as you choose money” to be put toward blinds, gutters or whatever you want.  While the new construction home is wonderful, there are some things that you need to remember.  Most of the time there is only sod in the front yard, the builder will put grass seed down but it will take some work to get it to grow.  There are not usually any window treatments, no blinds, curtains, nothing.  There are also not usually any gutters put on the house.  This is where your buyers agent comes into play. If you decide that you want to purchase a new construction home, your Realtor should be letting you know what some of the things you can try to get from that builder are, it doesn’t hurt to ask, what’s the worst that could happen??  The seller says no.  And either you are okay with it or not, hopefully your agent has talked to you about the different things that could happen and you are prepared.  After all the buyers agent doesn’t cost you anything and can save you quite a lot.  You wouldn’t want to find out after you bought your house that most of the other people that have bought homes in the neighborhood have gotten quite a few things added that you were not even aware could have been asked for and added for you.

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