VA Appraisals are not as strict or stringent as they once were. Now we are lucky if the appraiser actually spends more then 20 minutes at a property, that includes from the time they pull in the driveway. They used to look out for the veterans and active duty personel. Can't really say that much anymore.

Here in Jacksonville NC  I have seen the appraisers go from calling fogged windows, bad roofs, bad siding, flooring. Anything that would not be in "working order" for the veteran was supposed to be corrected by a seller. Now it seems that as long as the place is not falling in it's good to go. Their mission is to let the mortgage company know their opinion on what the house is worth.

So, if you are buying a home using your VA eligibility make sure you have a home inspection done, along with any other inspections that might be needed. i.e. septic, fireplace. The VA appraisers will tell you that they are not inspectors, but they are also not protecting the Veterans as well as they used to.

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