There seems to be some "mystery" around VA Loans, like they are special and unique. While they are for Veterans & Active Duty personel they are not so unique that local mortgage lenders are unfamiliar with them. You have a greater chance of that happening with some of those internet based companies that are who knows where.

In this market in & around Camp Lejeune NC and New River Air Station NC if you are a mortgage lender and don't know how to do a VA loan, you might as well get out of the mortgage business. The VA drives our market. That being said, working with a local lender is more advantageous in the interest of time and peace of mind. Some of these lenders that are on the internet may say that they do VA loans when in reality they are merely reading the guide lines and not really sure about the process. I have worked with just about every lender here in the Jacksonville NC area. They all know what they are doing for the most part and I would be glad to recommend a lender to you.

If you can not reach your mortgage lender, or they do not respond in a timely manor you may want to rethink who you are working with. The key to a stress free purchase of a home is the ability to reach the people you are working with directly. You are the client and they are supposed to be providing you a service, so don't treat them like you are working for them, they are in reality working for you!

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