Choosing the right company to hang your license with is probably one of the biggest decisions in your career. Do you choose a company that claims to provide lots of training and only 50% commission, plus your franchise fee, plus your desk fee, cost of copies, MLS fees and the list goes on. How much of that 50% do you actually get to see??? I know it's easy to go to a company that will "pay everything for you up front" and you just pay it back as you have transactions close, what if you have trouble getting that to happen? What if you can never get your Broker In Charge to give you a few minutes of their time when you have some questions? Do you need to pay a fellow agent a portion of your deal if they help you? What if you started your Real Estate career in January and it was a slow start for you, you don't get your first closing until April. How much of that first check are you actually going to see if you have been building up that amount of money you owe the company?

The sad truth is that there are many licensed Real Estate persons out there that are just learning as they go. Who ultimately pays for their training or lack there of? Their clients and them. Especially if you don't have the support of the Broker In Charge or are shadowing a more experienced agent. I believe that if you find the right office you can flourish in the Real Estate industry, but you need the right environment for that. Bigger is not always better. Some of the smaller companies have a wealth of knowledge and are usually a more cohesive unit, meaning that you have several people that are willing to offer advise, support and guidance. I have chosen to follow the path less traveled and believe that is the right choice for me. I don't like to be in an environment that I can't trust the people around me.

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