Why EXIT???

Why not, why not be paid for your worth?  Why not have access to some of the best training in the industry?  Why not be able to have the ability to recruit colleagues into the company and earn a residual for your work?

I love EXIT, Steve Morris, founder & CEO of EXIT Realty Corp. has put so much thought into making this the absolute best company, why would you not at least give it a try?  In my years with EXIT I have learned how to get leads, build my business, built my self confidence, and so much more.  Instead of being reliant on what the company can provide me, I have learned what it takes to grow my business, and how to maximize my time, etc.  EXIT has afforded me several trips around the country, time with my family, two children in college, and so much more.

I hear people say it is some kind of pyramid scheme, or a bait and switch type of company where you start out at one point and that all goes away at the first of the year.  I assure you that is not the case!  It’s all there in black and white and does not change.  All the Franchisee’s must follow the company guidelines.  I guess some ego’s prefer to have some complicated mathematical formula to figure out what your commission split should be, based on production, so if you have a rough month or two what you would have gotten changes.  Frankly life is complicated enough, why would you add more complications?

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